Exhibition form 1953 to 1985

Once residence, today cultural place

Until 1945 Villa Hügel served as private residence and prestige building for the Krupp family. According to the will of their heirs Villa Hügel should be turned into “a cultural centre of the Ruhr beyond the boundaries of Essen” after the Second World War. Numerous exhibitions and congresses have followed.

In May 1953 Villa Hügel was opened to the general public for the first time. With the first exhibition “Works of art from churches, museums and private collections – Art treasures from the Essen Minster” a new era began. More than 400,000 visitors came, saw the exhibition, went for a walk through the park and admired the impressive building.

In 1954 the non-profit association Hügel e.V. was founded. It had the task as laid down in its articles to transform the Villa Hügel into a cultural centre of the Ruhr Area. Until 1985 the association organised the famous art exhibitions at Villa Hügel.